Waste Audits

Comprehensive Waste Analysis

Leck Waste Services works with businesses to perform waste and recycling audits. We will closely look into and review a work location’s overall waste stream to identify materials that can be recycled. We can help you by developing a successful and cost-effective recycling program.

The first step in developing a recycling solution is an analysis of your organization’s waste stream. This gives us a better understanding of what is thrown away, and more importantly how much waste is produced. Leck Waste Services will visually inspect and report on the types and volumes of trash in detail. What percentage of your scrap can be recycled? How much value would that add to your bottom line? These are all questions that can be answered with our waste audit.

Correlating this information with the market values of your material and with any special equipment or logistics arrangements needed to implement your recycling program, allows us to calculate the increase to your bottom line that could be obtained by implementing our recycling solution. Our waste audits give invaluable insight into your scrap rates and allow you complete control of your waste streams.

Benefits of a Waste & Recycling Audit

  • Identify and provide a breakdown of all materials currently generated.
  • Determine which items can be recycled.
  • Review options for recycling and waste to energy rather than landfill disposal.
  • Compare the cost of landfill disposal to the cost of implementing a recycling or waste to energy program.
  • Help achieve the goal of Zero to Landfill
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