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Recycling Services

As a leading Greater Philadelphia recycling company, Leck Waste Services is serious about our recycling services to help enhance our environment.

We offer commercial recycling services, residential recycling services and municipal recycling services.

Leck Waste Services brings an environmentally friendly approach to waste management at a time when the recycling market is suffering and the planet demands our protection.

Commercial Recycling Services

Does your company recycle all of its paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass and plastic products? Is your trash container much larger or serviced more frequently than your recycling container?

If so, then your business most likely is spending too much money on trash removal. Our cardboard recycling and single-stream recycling options are easy for your team to manage, and your business will enjoy cutting the cost of waste removal while contributing positively to the environment.

Cardboard Recycling

Leck Waste Services’ cardboard recycling program is ideal for businesses that receive and/or use lots of cardboard boxes. A dedicated container for cardboard recycling can help decrease the cost of your waste disposal service while helping ensure cardboard boxes get recycled

Single-Stream Recycling

Leck Waste Services’ single-stream recycling option enables businesses to place all recyclables into a single container. This eliminates the need to separate items such as paper, cardboard, plastics, cans and bottles, saving your enterprise money and time.

Plastic containers: Containers made from plastics 1 and 2 only. (See “State of Recycling in Today’s Market” below for more information about these kinds of plastics.)

Following is a list of items that may be placed into single-stream recycling containers:

  • Mixed paper: Computer and fax machine paper, fliers, mailings, wrapping paper (no foil or plastic wrap), newspapers, magazines and soft-back books but no paper-containing food and/or oils.
  • Cardboard: Empty boxes large and small, including food boxes and beverage cartons, that have been flattened and are loose.
  • Metal: Aluminum, tin and empty paint cans.
  • Glass: Jars and bottles.
  • Cartons: Milk, juice, flavored drink, soup and aseptic cartons.
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Industrial Recycling Services

Leck Waste Services is well-equipped to meet the needs of large crews demanding high-quality and on-time industrial recycling services to keep your workflow moving seamlessly.

Residential Recycling Services & Municipal Recycling Services

Leck Waste Services’ residential recycling services are available for residents of the municipalities we serve: Langhorne Borough and Hulmeville Borough.

Electronics Recycling Services

Leck Waste Services’ electronics recycling service helps improve the environment and protect health for all living beings by keeping toxic materials from improper disposal.

Additionally, our Electronics Recycling service helps salvage valuable materials found in electronics, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution while saving energy and resources because of a diminished need to extract raw materials from the Earth.

Yard Waste Recycling Services

Leck Waste Services also offers yard waste recycling services for large landscape projects and seasonal yard cleanup.

State of Recycling in Today’s Market

Today’s recycling market is much different compared with the recycling market that existed in 2018. U.S. political and trade differences with China have led to the devaluing of recyclable materials, especially plastic. (Read more in our December 2018 letter to customers.)

Whereas plastic varieties 1 through 7 used to be recycled, only plastics 1 and 2 are recycled in 2020.

Plastic 1 refers to PET or PETE, short for polyethylene terephthalate, and encompasses bottles for soda, water and other drinks, plastic peanut butter jars and containers for oils and many other common food products.

Plastic 2 refers to HDPE, short for high-density polyethylene, and encompasses milk and juice jugs, shampoo and conditioner bottles, cleaning product containers as well as detergent bottles.

A temporary solution for business and municipal leaders wanting to help create a sustainable planet have the opportunity to partner with Leck Waste Services, recognized for its commitment to improving the environment for future generations to enjoy, for its praised incineration initiative.

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Leck Waste Services’ Zero to Landfill Initiative Converts Waste Into Renewable Energy

A regional leader because of our commitment to safeguarding the environment, Leck Waste Services puts innovative approaches to work in helping protect our environment.

Our Zero to Landfill initiative converts 95 percent of the waste we collect into renewable energy. This energy, in turn, helps power homes and businesses throughout Greater Philadelphia.

Our Zero to Landfill initiative enables Leck Waste Services to divert 56 million pounds of trash from being stuffed into landfills each year. Furthermore, our waste and recycling vehicles operate on 100 percent North American refined biodiesel.

Leck Waste Services is a recycling company you can feel good about partnering with in helping protect our planet.