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About Leck Waste Services

The year was 1968, and Walter Leck was seventeen years old and working as a farm hand on a local farm. One day the owner of a local trash company in Newtown, Pennsylvania approached him. The owner asked Walter if he would be interested in working as a laborer on the back of his garbage truck. It sounded like a great opportunity because the pay was .50 ¢ more hourly then he was currently making. Walter decided that it was time to make a career move and start his new life as a garbage man. Walter continued to work for the local trash company “Don Edwards Disposal” for about three years, when one day his new boss became ill and asked Walter if he thought that he could drive the garbage truck for him.

Walter thought to himself, I’ve been driving farm equipment since I was thirteen years old, why not drive a garbage truck? So Walter decided that he would give driving a garbage truck a try. In 1970, he decided to work for another small family trash company for a brief time until early 1971. While working for the other company, Walter started thinking that maybe all of his hard work should earn him more money. And that’s when he decided to start his own trash company.

While working full time for the other company, Walter was able to get his first four customers working part time at night. He picked up their trash in his own pickup truck after he finished work. With four customers and $12.00 a month gross salary, it didn’t take long for Walter to realize that this new business venture wouldn’t last too long without getting more customers. And that’s the moment it all seemed to happen. Walter’s old boss, Don Edwards, approached Walter again, and asked if he was interested in buying his company. Walter was ecstatic, he already knew the garbage business and he knew that he could run the company with the experience he gained from working for Don years earlier. There was only one problem: Walter was only twenty years old. Although he had a solid business plan and was extremely determined, every bank that he spoke to said the same thing. The banks claimed he just didn’t have enough of a solid credit history because he was only twenty years old, and they would not lend him the money to purchase Don’s company. He would need a co-signer for the loan.

At the same time in 1971, Walter’s father George Leck Sr. owned his own landscaping company and worked as a florist and gardener. Walter approached his father with the opportunity to buy Don’s trash company. Walter asked George Sr. if he was interested in co-signing the loan for him, so that he could buy Don’s company. George was extremely apprehensive at first, but he also knew that his son was an extremely hard working young man who was dedicated to everything he had ever done in his life thus far. After much thought, George finally told Walt that he would sign for the loan, but only if he retained some ownership in the company. Thus, George Leck and his son Walter Leck formed GEORGE LECK & SON INC. in 1972. George continued to work as a landscaper for four more years while, Walter started to grow his new trash company before he finally realized that it was time for him to join Walter to help make the company flourish.

Today, Leck Waste Services is still a family owned and operated company, with several family members still working there. There has always been a strong sense of family values through the entire company and all the employees. Currently, seven employees also share “Leck” with their own family members, such as fathers and sons, brothers, and uncles. We believe that our family atmosphere is transferred to our customers in quality customer service. Leck is proud to say that several of our employees have served for at least thirty years, with an additional dozen employees with twenty years of service.

Since 1971, Leck Waste Services has provided commercial and industrial waste pick up, as well as single-stream recycling service to customers in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Northeast Philadelphia, and Southern Lehigh Counties in Pennsylvania. Located in Newtown, PA until September 2001, Leck is now located in Ivyland, PA, and has 50 employees operating 35 trucks daily.

In addition to commercial and industrial waste services, Leck Waste Services also provides complete compactor services, portable toilets, and shredding services.

Our sister company, Target Equipment, also offers a complete commercial compactor product line, including compactor sales, leasing, and installation. Target Equipment has the same motto as George Leck and Son: “A hometown company providing quality waste service at a price you can trust”.