Keep your space clean and healthy

You can feel confident knowing we are fully licensed to handle the necessary septic tank, grease trap, and other cleanings throughout the area. Call us to put over 50 years of experience behind your cleaning needs.

Helpful Hints About Our Septic Services

  • Septic tanks are cleaned through large openings – most Township’s ordinances state septic’s must be
    cleaned through a manhole sized opening.
  • How many lids are ground level – Most Township’s ordinances state that the septic has to be dug open.
  • Most Townships want them cleaned in the regular cycle. (We file paperwork with the Township after
    pumping if it is required.)
  • Pump Tank – alarm would be either in garage or basement. If the alarm is sounding – there is an issue
    with the pump.
  • Length of hose – measure from where the truck parks to the center of the lid.
  • All septic’s have a level of fullness for them to operate.